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    Course location is on private land near Palmdale unless listed otherwise.  Directions and details provided upon registration.  We have a limited number of guns and gear for rent.  Call or text  if needed: 661-816-5615

    Pistol Fighting Fundamentals

    Saturday, July 9th, 2016.   Hours: 0800-1600

    This one day course is designed to build a foundation of safety, confidence and competence in the new shooter, as well as refresh good habits in those with prior training.

    $165. Ammo count: 200 rounds.  

    LE Gunfighting

    Not Your Static Square Range Re-Hash

    A one day dynamic study of the principles of reactive and proactive pistol fighting for the armed professional. $165. Ammo count: 300 Rounds Pistol

    LE Rifle Fighting

    Fighting with the Patrol Rifle

    As one seasoned SWAT officer exclaimed, "I've never heard of some of these techniques before let alone done them. This is some advanced stuff!"

    $165. Ammo count: 300 rounds rifle, 50 pistol.

    Guerrilla Sniper 1 & 2

    Sept 29-Oct 02, 2016 Maderas, Oregon

    This Suarez International course is being held September 29-October 02, at the outstanding Leupold training center in Oregon. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

    Nature of Violence Presentation

    1 to 4 hour Presentation to Your Organization.

    Entertaining, dynamic, informative and inspirational presentation on the Nature of Violence and our individual role in recognizing it and mitigating its potential impact in our lives and on society.  Audience members come away empowered and committed to take a proactive role in their own life.  Call to discuss your specific needs: 661-816-5615

    Private Training

    Arrange for a private course for your family or group

    Private training for groups of six or less is $1000 per day and covers everything except ammo, food and gun rental.  Private training allows you to taylor the topics covered to your needs and skill level.  Call to discuss your specific needs: 661-816-5615

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    My name is DAVE SAUER and I started Gunfighting Inc to provide my law enforcement brothers and sisters and interested civilians with progressive firearms and tactics training at a reasonable price. 32+ years of being a cop has given me a front row seat to the nature of violence and its aftermath. I have seen lives lost, families shattered, and friends killed. I have had things thrown at me, been hit, bit, kicked, clubbed, and shot at. I have done all those things to others and more. I have held the hands of the wounded, cradled the dying and tried to revive the dead. All these experiences have taught me things. I know the nature of violence and what it takes to recognize it and win against it. I know how fast the fight can happen and how it is almost never how you imagined it or planned for it. I know how important it is to prove any principle or technique under fight speed and pressure before it is taught. I have spent three decades learning what works and what does not and my passion is passing those lessons on to others and fulfilling my mission of helping those I train Stay Ready to Win!


    I am FBI, NRA and DOJ certified, and carry NRA insurance. I have a 100% safety record, meaning the only ones shot as a result of my training are those who needed it.


    See my Instructor Bio page for full resume


    "Never rest until your good is better and your better, best."

    Sometimes the teacher, always the student

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