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    Course location is on private land near Palmdale unless listed otherwise. Directions provided upon registration. Loc is close to freeway and has cell coverage.


    * Students provide their own guns and ammo and safety gear. Course ammo count is approximate. Bring more if you want to shoot more.


    * We have a limited number of guns and gear for rent. Call or text if needed: 661-816-5615


    * We do NOT sell or provide ammo.

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    Nature of Violence Presentation

    1 to 4 hour Presentation to Your Organization.

    Entertaining, dynamic, informative and inspirational presentation on the Nature of Violence and our individual role in recognizing it and mitigating its potential impact in our lives and on society. Audience members come away empowered and committed to take a proactive role in their own life. Call to discuss your specific needs: 661-816-5615

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    Private Training

    Arrange for a private course for your family or group

    Private training for groups of six or less is $1000 per day and covers everything except ammo, food and gun rental.  Private training allows you to taylor the topics covered to your needs and skill level.  Call to discuss your specific needs: 661-816-5615

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    Public Courses

    Open to anyone wanting learn, practice and have fun

    Unless otherwise stipulate, these courses have no Prerequisite for attending other than desire to learn. Please see list below of what equipment is necessary.

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    Law Enforcement Courses

    Open to active or retired LE personnel only

    These courses are presented in the context of LE SOP's. They are run at a pace requiring a solid foundation of safety and gun handling skill provided by prior LE training. In these courses I teach what I wish I had learned early on in my career.

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  • About Gunfighting Inc.

    My name is DAVE SAUER and I started Gunfighting Inc. to provide my law enforcement brothers and sisters and interested civilians with progressive firearms and tactics training at a reasonable price. 34+ years of being a cop has given me a front row seat to the nature of violence and its aftermath. I have seen lives and families shattered and friends killed. I know the nature of violence and what it takes to recognize it and win against it. I know how fast the fight can happen and how it is almost never how you imagined it or planned for it. And I know that when violence confronts you it will be YOUR problem to solve because the odds are there will be no one close enough to solve it for you. Although I take my responsibility to provide fight focused training very seriously, we have fun doing it. We run a variety of drills to increase speed, timing and efficiency, and we do a lot of shooting on steel for immediate accuracy feedback.


    I have completed many instructor level firearms courses from various presenters, including FBI Firearms Instructor School, FBI SWAT and FBI Sniper School, as well as instructor courses from LA Sheriff's, LAPD, SigArms, HK, Front Sight and Suarez International. I was a full time firearms instructor for the LA Sheriff's Department and was on staff at Front Sight, Nevada. 99% of what I now teach I have learned since leaving those assignments.


    I do NOT teach game based concepts designed to give one the edge of speed in competition. I teach what has been proven to be doable and successful under fight pressure and speed. I have spent more than three decades learning what works and what does not and my passion is passing those lessons on to others and fulfilling my mission of helping those I train Stay Ready to Win!



    See my Instructor Bio page for full resume


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    "Never rest until your good is better and your better, best."

    Sometimes the teacher, always the student

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    Course Equipment Needs

    Quality equipment and making sure it fits will help ensure success and avoid safety issues

    What do I need to bring to a course?


    All Courses:

    Bring your Lunch, Water, Sunscreen, Hat, Ear and Eye protection and Individual first-aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes. We recommend electronic earmuffs so you can hear range instructions without having to remove them. Howard Leight electronic ears cost about $45. Bring note taking material. A hat does more than keep the sun off your face. It also helps keep hot empty casings from getting between your glasses and eye.


    Pistol Courses:

    Modern handgun and at least three magazines. Backup gun and ammo (LE).


    Holster and magazine pouch. Kydex material recommended, but quality leather is fine. The important thing is the holster retain its shape when empty and allow the gun to be holstered without having to use your other hand to open the holster.


    Quality belt designed to support the weight of the pistol and mags. Make sure pants have the size and quantity of belt loops suitable for the belt. This is especially important for ladies, as many women's pants do not have enough belt loops to support the belt without it slipping or sagging.


    Unless you are running the course from concealment, make sure you wear a shirt that can be tucked in and stays tucked in. Shirts coming untucked can interfere with holstering and creates a safety issue.


    Dump pouch recommended but optional.




    Rifle Courses:

    A ZEROED rifle and at least three magazines. Optics highly recommended, but iron sights OK. Check optics and mounts for proper torque prior to class.


    Quality rifle sling. Single point, two or three point. Pros and cons to each, but you need a way of slinging the gun to free your hands.


    Dump pouch recommended but optional.


    Elbow and knee pads recommended.




  • Gunfighting Gear

    Fight Proven Products for the Prepared Warrior

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    Mobile Gear Store

    Check out our gear in our mobile gear store during your course. We have Knives, Belts, Holsters, Slings, Pouches, Bags and More!

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